What Your Workforce Wants – 2 Accurate Employee Satisfaction Measurement Methods to Try

How happy are your employees? Keeping a satisfied workforce means a lot more than just being greeted by smiling faces when you walk into the office. Happy workers are happy to work. That means they can be more productive, efficient, and innovative, when they’re satisfied with the opportunities and responsibilities you provide. Employee engagement analysis is important because it doesn’t only show if you’re doing things right – it tells you if you’re doing something wrong that could potentially cause employees to flake and resign. If you’re wondering what you can do to measure your employees’ satisfaction, try these 2 effective and accurate measurement methods.


  1. Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Survey – A survey works well for employers who want to get a general idea on how all workers feel about their current job conditions. For this type of measure, it would be best to come up with different surveys for different levels of the organization. For instance, the questionnaire for rank and file employees should consist of questions different from those for the executive branch. Another thing to remember when formulating surveys would be to avoid asking just about benefits, rewards, and incentives. Getting into detail about potential problem areas will help you develop better strategies to optimize your workplace. For instance, asking about what they think about the daily workload, how they feel about the way teams are managed, and what they can suggest to improve certain functions are all good ways to figure out what could be affecting their level of satisfaction.


  1. Stay Interviews – Usually, the stay interview is conducted when a key employee is on the brink of serving resignation papers. Employers often catch wind of these instances and conduct the stay interview in an effort to turn things around. Aside from this purpose, the stay interview can also be conducted at any random time in order to get a better understanding of problems or gaps in the employee management strategy you’re putting into action. With this method, you can get a more specific idea as to what issues certain workers might be experiencing in the workplace, which also helps to develop more effective plans for optimal workforce management. Conducting stay interviews at random times of the fiscal year with random employees will work best to prevent rehearsed answers and encourage truthful conversation.


Are your workers satisfied? Find out how well you’re keeping up with your employees and what you can do to make your workplace a happy, healthy, and accommodating environment for all, by trying these two methods.

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The Truth About Weight Management

If you have decided to lose weight, the first step that you need to undertake is to accept that there are no shortcuts and no magic pills that can help you achieve your goal. Many people are deluded by the numerous weight loss product commercials in Singapore today and deceived by CGI effects, beautiful models, and its fantastic editing. This makes them lose focus on the real issue – how the body works.  Let us examine the secrets behind a person’s physiology and unlock the secrets that could lead to a successful weight management in Singapore.


So, What’s The Secret Then?


Almost all diet programs designed to lose weight fail because they were faulty in the first place. Most people think it’s their fault because they did not follow their diet plan strictly. Believe it or not, our actual weight is misleading and irrelevant. The real indicator of successful weight management is our own body composition.

Body composition is the percentage of body fat versus lean mass. Fitness professionals and athlete coaches consider this as the true measure of athletic performance, weight management, and overall fitness. Therefore, the key to successful weight management is learning the difference between weight loss and fat loss.



Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss


If you have lost 20 pounds through a low calorie diet, your weight loss is basically loss of lean mass. This is harmful because it restricts your calorie intake and it affects the healthy tissues inside your body. The following are the side effects of a low calorie diet:


  • it slows down metabolism
  • it creates stress
  • it throws the hormonal production out of balance
  • it upsets the nervous system
  • it weakens the immune system


You have to know that our body does not understand the concept of dieting; it only knows starvation. So when you commit to a low calorie diet, your body would just think that it is being starved. The next time you eat a little more than what is in your diet plan, your body stores it up for “future use”.


Fat loss on the other hand, is a concept that should be understood correctly. Fat is basically stored energy. Imagine that fat is our body’s extra fuel tank. When you are on a strict diet, your body does not convert fat into energy. What it does is it uses lean mass first. It converts lean mass into carbohydrates, which turns into energy in order to respond to a need. In simple terms, the body eats itself in order to generate energy.


Another thing about fat loss is that fat needs oxygen to burn. In order to get more oxygen, your body needs to be active. This is why exercise is the most efficient way to burn fat. Burned fats turn into sweat which is expelled through the pores of our skin. If you want to lose fat and build muscles, cardiovascular exercises and strength training will definitely help you sweat more.



Unique Physical Traits


Every person has a unique set of physical traits: we have different genetic makeups, we have diverse food preferences, and we live different lifestyles. Aside from this, our individual activity patterns determine how fast we lose weight. This is the reason why some diet programs work on other people and some don’t.


If you are leading a sedentary lifestyle, you will have a very challenging weight control issue because you are gaining weight faster than you lose them. It is therefore very important for you to be more active, eat healthily and rest properly in order to succeed in weight management in Singapore.

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Five Tips For Any Malaysian Cycling Trip

A bicycle is a great way to travel. Traveling by bicycle means the opportunity to see spaces firsthand and yet still have the means to move quickly. A biking road trip allows any traveler to modify their plans as necessary in order to see sights that look appealing along the way. This is particularly in countries such as Malaysia. The nation of Malaysia is one that is highly welcoming to all those using a road bike. Taking a road bike in Malaysia is one of the region’s best ways to travel.
Get The Right Equipment

Use of the right equipment is vital when traveling here. Specialized road bikes are available in many parts of the county. Such bikes can help make any trip here flow more smoothly. The changing terrain makes it imperative to make use of such specialized road bikes, allowing riders to proceed from the shore to the interior quite easily.

Make An Advanced Itinerary

Advanced planning is a crucial part of any trip here. In addition to a GPS, have detailed maps on hand at all times. The maps should indicate the approximate distance from one destination to the next. A map should also indicate any notable landmarks along the way. Making reservations is even easier today as the internet is widely in use all over Malaysia.

Hire a Guide

While traveling with a road bike in Malaysia on one’s own can be fun and exciting, it is often best to have at least one guide. Hire a guide who has experience working with travelers. Many companies will offer organized tours complete with guides, making it easier than ever to road bike here. However, an independent guide can be just as useful. Working with an independent guide allows any traveler to have more flexible plans that may not be possible when traveling with a large group of people.

Bring a Change of Clothing

Taking a bike trip can be hard on the body. Wear comfortable clothing at all times. The hot Malaysian climate is one is often subject to sudden downpours. Bring extra clothing of all kinds when taking a bike trip. This should include shoes as well. A thin change of items are easy to carry along on a trip and can come in very handy once heading out back on the road after a taking a break at a rest stop or after lunch.


Keep a Cellphone on Hand

Communicating while on the road is vitally important. Expect service to be reasonably okay when cycling from one part of Malaysia to the next. Keep a cellphone in some place safe and secure during any road trip. If traveling with a large party, this allows the person to make sure that they are in sync as they travel between places. A cellphone also allows travelers to contact others and call for help in the event of an emergency of some kind such as sudden accident or if they should get lost in the lush Malaysian countryside.

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Tips For Effective and Productive Server Colocation

Small businesses often have the same robust IT needs that a large organization does, but they are operating on a fraction of the budget. This can become a limiting factor in many regards, but there are ways around this reality. Colocation has become a popular hosting option for many small businesses around the world. It enables use of the same Internet infrastructure that many large companies use to host their own private web servers. The same team of IT professionals that manage and design sites for large companies can also be utilized to provide a robust Web presence for small businesses as well.

The Benefits of Server Colocation

Small businesses can up using colocation to place their own server inside the rack of another. This effectively allows the small organization to then use the increased bandwidth as their own. While this will cost a bit more than standard Internet site hosting packages, it is still considerably less when taking into account the amount of bandwidth that would normally run into one particular location.

There is also the added benefit that is achieved through knowing that colocation facilities tend to have much better protections in the event of an outage. As Southeast Asia is prone to tropical storms, the potential for downtime can be great. Making use of server colocation in Malaysia set up, however, can eliminate the risk of being without critical server power for days at a time. Part of the fee you would pay for the colocation service itself is designed to ensure that there is almost no risk of downtime.

Security is also enhanced. Server colocation in Malaysia safely stores information and data in a secure and protected environment. In this era of hacking activity and cyber crime, it is vital that small businesses take the security of confidential data seriously.

The Process Involved

To begin using server colocation in Malaysia, one simply needs to get their machine set up. It can then be taken to a location where the colocation provider is located. They will then install it within their own rack. Alternatively, it is often possible to rent a server machine directly from the providers themselves. This company would then provide an IP address, allot a certain amount of bandwidth, and provide power to your own server. To access the server, the small business would simply navigate to a Web site that is provided by the host. It is important to remember that the small business actually owns the hardware, so this is an added advantage as well.

Server colocation can be a valuable addition to the IT repertoire of a small business. Making use of existing infrastructure already in place at many large organizations will enhance the Web presence and security features inherent to any operation. Consider this as a way to become more robust and proactive with providing a better overall customer satisfaction experience.


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Five Tips to Get Gold Quick in Blade & Soul


Like most massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), getting gold in Blade & Soul is a long and arduous process. While you’ll always have enough gold for the essentials, even at the highest level you’ll likely not have enough for the finest equipment and cosmetic items unless you work for it. These five tips will have you leading the life of a virtual Blade & Soul millionaire in no time flat.

1) Choosing the Right Profession

With seven professions to choose from, it’s difficult to know right off the bat which is going to be the best one to make money at endgame. If you’re looking to make money, the Soul Warden profession is going to be your ticket to a life of luxury. This trade is responsible for making evolution stones, a key component of levelling up your equipment. In fact, at the highest possible level, these stones are mandatory towards increasing your character’s skills and are highly sought after. Naturally, these rocks fetch a hefty sum on the auction house.

2) Gathering

In Blade & Soul, it’s possible to take two gathering jobs, so go with the Trapper’s Alliance and Tree Fellers guilds. Both of these complement the Soul Wardens profession nicely, making sure you have a steady stream of the resources you need to make big bucks at the market. Any leftover materials you don’t need will sell for a high sum, so even just selling the items you get from gathering is a good way to make gold without a challenge.

3) Dungeon Running

Like most MMOs, dungeons can be a great source of income in Blade and Soul. Once you’ve learned the ins and outs of the game’s high-level dungeons, you can quickly speed through them with a competent group. Each dungeon run will award you with not only piles of gold, but piles of loot as well. Selling this loot to NPC vendors or throwing it on the auction house is a great way to get some bonus gold on top of quest rewards.

4) Auction House

Rather than sell your goods on the auction house, you can play the market to your advantage. Find rare but inexpensive items on the auction house that you know players will need, buy everything that is available and then relist the items for a higher cost. If you keep a firm grasp on the market, you’ll be able to flip items for a substantial profit in less time than it takes to gather and craft items.
5) Buying Gold

While you can’t play at seagm.com, you can buy Blade and Soul gold there. SEA Gamer Mall is a great place to buy gold cheaply using real money, with different denominations available. The gold is safely transferred to your account using the in-game auction house, so you don’t need to worry about anything other than paying for your gold and listing an item on the in-game auction house.

Follow these five tips and in no time at all, you’ll be the richest Blade & Soul player on your server.


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Singapore Property Agents – Which One Should You Be Working With?


The expertise of a local property agent can mean the difference between landing a great purchase and spearheading a failed venture. Whether you’re in Singapore’s market to buy investment property or move with the family permanently, having a property agent by your side simplifies the process in a myriad of ways.

Cost Vs Value 

People seldom look at the value of bringing in a property agent. They’d much rather save a few hundred dollars on commission. However, their in-depth market knowledge and specialized training has prepared them for any real estate scenario possible. They already have a database of property listings that match your budget and demands in terms of space and amenities.

Local Vs Expat Investors 

Investors who are already in Singapore should meet their prospect face to face. Observe them in their working environment rather than in their office. A good property agent in Singapore spends minimal time behind the desk and is instead out in the field building their database and networks. Expat investors can start by chatting with agents online. Majority of real estate websites today have an online help desk that connects you with Singapore-based agents.

Property Selection 

The types of property accessible in Singapore include HDB flats, apartment and condo units, single-family residences, and shophouses. Each property type will cost differently to acquire and maintain. Moreover, the potential returns on investment will vary as well as the economic forces that drive demand and valuation for the properties.

In addition to these traditional and modern accommodations, you’ve also got REITs or real estate investment trusts that let you invest in a broader selection of property classes, such as strip malls, city stadiums, and industrial plants. Knowing what specific property type you’re looking to invest can dictate which agent you should be working with. Preferably, you want to work with an agent whose database has high concentrations of that property type.

Work Experience 

Don’t be fooled by a neat suit and tie. A good property agent in Singapore should have the track record to prove their credibility. An agent with five or more years of experience will generally have more access to property listings as well as in-depth understanding of the local market than someone who just recently graduated from a real estate agency program. Look further into their certifications. Ideal candidates are those with updated and relevant certifications not only in real estate but in business management and other related fields.


Investing is a long-term game. Thus, you will be working with your property agent for as long as the portfolio is alive and well. If your agent is too busy, it can be a headache to get in touch with them during emergencies. Real estate agents can only realistically and effectively work with around five or six clients at any given time. If they always miss your calls or redirect you to their assistants, it may be a sign that your agent cannot put in the attention and commitment that’s needed to succeed in your investment venture.

There’s a dime a dozen agents practicing in Singapore. Use these pointers to create a formula or approach that weeds out the bad from the good agents.


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What You Should Know About Botox Jaw Reduction


The world of medical aesthetics has provided people with a number of services that help to enhance individual beauty or even change the way that people look. One such method that has recently gained popularity is Botox jaw reduction.

Most, if not all, people who get Botox jaw reduction are simply unhappy with the shape of their face or they want to improve their looks. Botox has been around for a while now and jaw reduction is just another way that people are taking advantage of it.

How Does It Work? 

Most people want to avoid surgery when getting any kind of facial work. This type of jaw reduction is highly beneficial in that there is no scarring and healing time is minimal. The procedure is as simple as almost any regular doctor visit. The doctor will simply inject the product into your masseters. (Masseters are the big muscles on the side of your face that help you to chew.)Depending on the doctor, the procedure can take as little as 10 minutes.


Why Do People Want It? 

As with most cosmetic surgeries and procedures, people may want it if they are not satisfied with the shape of their face. Some women with rounder faces or more prominent jaws may want it to have a more feminine appearance, while some men or women may want it because they are unhappy with the round jaw that comes with their ethnicity.

How Long Does It Take To Work? 

This type of jaw reduction is attractive in that the results are relatively quick. Most cosmetic surgeons will state that you can see it take effect in around 5-10 days. While there can be some pain associated with the procedure, according to many experts, it usually goes away within 2-3 days.

Is it Safe? 

When you compare non-surgical jaw reduction with plastic surgery procedures, the answer is that it is relatively safe. As with many procedures, choosing an experienced doctor can help you to avoid mishaps or side effects. Excessive swelling could be a sign that is something wrong, but is not common. In some instances, this type of jaw reduction can alter the individual’s smile. This can be due to inserting the needle too high.

In Conclusion 

This procedure is not a bad idea for anyone who is concerned about their appearance and who would like to slim out their jawline without invasive surgery. It is relatively safe and lasts for up to six months in some cases.


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Startup Entrepreneurs Advice/Tips


Start-up Advice Every Entrepreneur Should Know

A lot of people have great business ideas, but very few people follow through and actually act on it. The following tips will help anybody who’s thinking about launching a start-up. From Malaysia business registration to scaling slowly, this start-up advice is irreplaceable.

1. Form Your Company

With the advent of technology, setting up company is no longer as much a hassle as before. You can refer here for Malaysia company formation.


2. Perform Market Research 

Before you can successfully launch a start-up, you need to do some market research. While starting with your friends and family is a good idea, you need to look beyond that. According to Entrepreneur, [ http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/244876 ] you should visit different neighbourhoods (or different online communities) to ask for feedback. Show people a prototype or sample of your product or service and ask them to fill out a questionnaire. It’s possible to do this even if you have a virtual address and a virtual office.

3. Self-Fund as Long as Possible 

According to Forbes, [ http://www.forbes.com/sites/kateharrison/2014/01/09/the-best-startup-advice-from-14-tech-heroes/#5c9be3f20948 ] it’s a good idea to self-fund your start-up for as long as possible. The hope is that the money will end up coming and you’ll never have to look for outside funding. When you borrow from the very beginning, it’s extremely difficult to get out of the loop of borrowing and repaying debt.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Start Small 

Even if you want to grow into one of the big businesses you admire, you still should start small, according to Inc. [ http://www.inc.com/elle-kaplan/three-financial-tips-for-a-successful-startup.html ] The most successful companies started out small and even a little bit scrappy. If you truly want to scale, you need to scale from something small at first. This will also prevent you from using money you don’t have just for the sake of making a big splash.

5. Create a Prototype 

You can talk as much as you want about your product, but unless you have a prototype to show people, it’s all just talk. According to Entrepreneur, [ http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/253916 ] you should get a prototype out there and let people start using it. This is where you can separate hearsay from reality.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not easy. Start-ups are exciting, but they’re also extremely difficult to navigate. By avoiding common mistakes and staying focused, you have the best chance of creating a business you can be proud of.

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Why You Should Stop Washing Your Face in the Morning

It’s common to have skin problems that affect the clarity and smoothness of your complexion. These problems seem intense in the adolescent years and may appear to level off in your twenties. As your face begins to age, you may start to see effects on your skin. Slowly, your skin loses some of its elasticity and develops common problems such as lines, wrinkles, shadows, discolorations, and crow’s feet. Some skin complaints and imperfections require surgical or nonsurgical interventions by a licensed medical doctor, and others are simple to handle using healthy skincare solutions. Choosing the right regimen for freshening up your skin and removing the dead weight is within your power to do at home. Look your best any time of the day or night.


Why You Shouldn’t Scrub Your Face

For many types of skin problems such as acne, it’s important not to use your daily cleanser to scrub your face, especially first thing in the morning. Scrubbing just irritates the skin. Instead, wash your face at nighttime and after any heavy exercise sessions. Gentle face washing removes oils that build up on your skin. If you wake up in the morning and your skin is not oily, you don’t need to wash away the healthy skin.



Why You Need a Nighttime Cleansing Routine

Another reason that you should stop washing your face with facial products in the morning is because your face is served adequately by a nighttime cleansing routine. It’s important to nourish healthy skin with the right amount of cleansing at the end of a long day. Remember, if you wear makeup or any other products on your face, they sit on your face all day. If you leave makeup on when you go to bed, your skin’s pores may become clogged. Old makeup also traps oils on your skin for the night and can stain your pillows and sheets.



Why You Use Moisturizer

After you remove your makeup with a cleansing solution at bedtime, be sure to use a top-rated moisturizer. Choose from any of your favorite skin care products in Singapore. Don’t forget to apply a fresh moisturizer to hydrate your skin also when you wake up (after skipping the morning face wash).


You may be surprised to learn that your body has a natural way of giving off dead skin cells and working around the clock to replace old skin with new deposits of collagen. While dead skin cells should be removed through gentle face washing at night, the body handles skin rejuvenation. A layer of newly grown skin is rich in collagen and makes your face appear young and vibrant every morning.


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Viable Options For People Battling With Cellulite

Cellulite is simply the presence of lumpy-looking excess fat beneath the skin. The fat looks lumpy because when it presses up against connective tissue, the skin above it begins to pucker. Cellulite isn’t a health hazard. However, many people dislike it because it looks unsightly. This disdain for cellulite has given rise to an entire subset in medicine that deals with ridding the body of unwanted cellulite. People that have unwanted cellulite have a wide range of options for getting rid of it. The cellulite removal treatment ranges from surgery to fat burner supplements.
The presence of cellulite, which is more common in women than men, does not mean the person is overweight. Its presence and level of visibility has a number of causes. They include slow metabolism, hormone changes, the thickness and color of the skin, not enough physical activity, fad dieting, eating a poor diet, heredity, and many other factors. Some people simply use tanning products to make the cellulite less noticeable while others use more drastic measure to conceal it or get rid of it. Cellulite tends to be most noticeable on the thighs and buttocks and there are quite a few products used to address it. Their results often vary.


Some of the methods used to rid the body of cellulite include body lift cellulite control creams, liposuction, Mesotherapy, laser treatments, massage, and spa treatments. Many of the cellulite creams work by narrowing blood vessels which forces water out from the skin. This can shrink and smooth the bulging cellulite. Liposuction removes fat deposits. Mesotherapy works by breaking down fat and improves the way the cellulite looks. Massage and many other types of spa therapy smooth out the dimples and lumpy cellulite. Laser treatments melts fat, breaks up fibrous bands, and stimulates the production of collagen.


There are several other cellulite treatments that are being researched. One cellulite treatment involves the use of red and infrared LEDs. The wavelengths of the light emitting diodes disrupt and shrink fat tissue. The LEDs are used in combination with suctions and rollers which soften the connective tissue’s fibrous bands and leave the skin looking smooth. This technique combines several current methods of dealing with cellulite and has the potential for great success as physicians develop the skills and experience necessary to improve its effectiveness.


In the meantime, fat burner supplements, lasers, surgery, massage and other spa treatments, Mesotherapy, cellulite creams, weight loss, and exercise are all being used with varying levels of success. Some physicians recommend using two or more of the therapies together. There is hope that in the near future more successful therapies will soon become available. While people with cellulite continue to wait, they would be well served to eat a diet rich in fiber, fruits, and vegetables and incorporate strength training and aerobic exercise into their fitness regimen.

There are also a number of clinics which offer innovative, cutting-edge therapies that have shown some promise in helping people prevent, control, and remove the unsightly cellulite in their bodies.


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