An open house can cause plenty of pressure and stress as the sale is often dependent on this single event, requiring that it be a success for the money involved for the seller. By incorporating a few factors and tricks into an open house, it can ensure a faster sale for a house that will likely increase in demand.

Promote the Event Online

The most successful open houses can easily be found on a number of social networking sites for convenient advertising that will have a broader audience. By supplying quality photos with the ad, it will attract more visitors and create a higher level of exposure for those in the local area. Different real estate sites allow a listing to be posted, which can essentially be seen by hundreds to thousands of people.

A real estate listing can also be posted on different online news sources, making it easy to be seen by those who check the property news on a frequent basis.

Use Neutral Decor

To allow more aesthetic appeal in the home to buyers, create a neutral space that uses beige, white, and dark colors to look attractive to a larger environment. Using decor that is too trendy or eclectic will turn off potential buyers, making it difficult for them to imagine living in the home.

Put personal items away, along with photos, for a professional and clean environment that doesn’t detract from the home’s style and design. Area rugs should also be removed to ensure that buyers will have a clear view of the floors.

Staging a home will work to rent different types of furniture and decor that enhances the curb appeal of the home without purchasing new products to furnish the environment better.


Choose an Ideal Time

The time and day for the open house largely contributes to how many people will look at the home for the general public’s availability. It should be held on a weekend when more people are looking to invest in property, particularly on Sundays between one p.m. to four p.m.

Clear signs that can be read from a distance should be placed in specific locations with plenty of traffic to allow visitors to conveniently stop by, making for a great way to advertise at a low cost.

Provide Refreshments

By serving delicious drinks and treats, it will keep potential buyers in the home for a longer period of time, and even lift their mood. Many people naturally socialize more when they’re able to munch on goodies, making it easy for them to ask questions to the relator and have a more positive perspective of the environment.



Create Space

One of the most important factors that homebuyers consider when looking to purchase property is how much space and square footage the home provides. Each room will look more appealing without clutter or bulky furniture filling up the house, making it easier for the home to feel spacious and comfortable in design with minimal items.