Finance is one of those fields that is tough to get into, but once a person has a foot in the door the possibilities are endless. There are so many areas in finance where a different skill set can result in a successful career. That is why so many college students are attracted to applying for jobs at the top finance and banking firms. It is important to keep the various possibilities in mind, so that a person does not become discouraged if they do not find a job at one or two of the places they have applied to. Here is a step by step guide that can help anyone who is interested in finance discover the route towards landing finance jobs, accounting jobs, or banking jobs.

Finance Jobs:
Landing a job in finance is probably the most challenging of the three possibilities. Finance positions refer to financial analyst positions at major firms or banks, investment banking positions at iBanks, sales and trading positions at major banks, and financial advisor positions at commercial banks.

The first step towards getting a financial job is getting a college degree. Contrary to what many people will say, that degree does not have to be economics or finance, per say. While it may make the transition to the financial world easier to major in one of those fields, plenty of English, History, Political Science, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry majors have ended up at one of the major players in the financial world. The top banks in New York or London will hire the best and the brightest students. As long as a student excels at their chosen subject, they will be considered for a finance position.

Having a keen interest in finance and having activities to demonstrate that interest is crucial. When someone goes into a finance interview, they need to show that they are not just looking for that job based on the potential salary.

Banking Jobs:
Banking jobs are slightly different to finance positions, because they may involve various positions within commercial banks as well. Again, a college degree is definitely something that most banks will consider. Apart from that, it is all about demonstrating knowledge, interest, passion, and a tendency to work as hard as possible during an interview. If an interviewer can see that a potential employee will work as hard as they can at their job, the chances of getting hired are very good.

Accounting Jobs:
Accounting is a very specific field and the route towards becoming an accountant is also very specific. The first thing that any potential accountant must do is complete their bachelor’s degree. If this is done in accounting, that is terrific. If not, then a student can take a one or two year accounting master’s course in order to familiarize themselves with the subject. Once this is done, a student can apply for accounting jobs at the major firms. Any of the top 5 accounting firms are great to work with. In order to get a job at one of these places, doing well on accounting tests and demonstrating analitical and mathematical skills is crucial.

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