So you love tea, but you don’t always have time to brew your own cup during a busy day. You also forgot to ice your last batch and put it in the fridge for later. The obvious option is to purchase some canned or bottled tea to make things a little easier, but which one would be able to come closest to the taste you’re used to having?

Most of the well-known brands have added sugar, or become watery and thin compared to proper tea bags and loose leaf blends. The variety also changes from store to store. To top it off, most mainstream brands only deal in green or black tea. Where are you supposed to go when you want to have a different flavor on stock?

Well, there’s good news. Iced oolong tea exists. Enjoy the fact for a second. Okay, now you know another pre-blended flavor exists. I know you’ll be asking, so let’s go ahead and list out the next questions: Where can you find it? Do the same issues with other canned/bottled teas apply?

The basics first: while there are a few brands that feature iced oolong tea, one of the easiest to find is named Pokka oolong tea. You can purchase individual cans for a taste test, or you can buy in bulk at most Asian food markets and specialty grocery stores. It seems impossible, but it’s true!

As for the tea blend itself: Pokka oolong tea is unsweetened, and will be sure to say so on every can, right where you can see it. Other cans that deal in unsweetened tea will be marked the same way, if you happen to see more in your search for an easy drink. That just leaves the most important factor in purchasing store-made teas.
Taste: Sometimes store-bought teas will have a chemical after-taste, even with good ingredients. It’s also possible to have bitter or watery tea. Not to worry with this kind—this canned oolong tea tastes just right. There’s no aftertaste or bitterness in this particular canned brand, and the dual layers that make oolong a nice balance between the more common green and black comes out in full earthiness here.

Buying canned tea during a busy week doesn’t mean you have to settle on flavor. Just remember to search markets that know their stuff. Your taste buds will be grateful!