Bizcorp provides services for international companies that are interested in locating in the Singapore market. A Singapore Incorporation is possible by following certain formation processes. A company formation may allow for additional greater confidentiality, fewer company regulations, and a minimal tax exposure. You may also learn these 5 Steps to Overcoming Challenges of Starting a New Business.

Services offered may involve a two-step company formation process that includes registering a company name and filing for the business incorporation. These two processes may be completed online and may be completed within a short period of time. Other services offered for the business overseas may include the following:

1. Accounting and bookkeeping services are available for those new companies that may need to start certain record keeping overseas.

2. Auditing and assurance provisions may be started for the company that is wanting to register in Singapore.

3. Consulting and advisory services are offered. These services may include financial reports and statements that may be needed for any company registration. Filing duties may be offered for a company beginning in Singapore. Each company needs a nominee director. This service may be provided by the company formation service.

4. Compilation reports are required, and these reports include financial statements that are prepared with the director’s report. These reports may be provided by the company formation service.

5. Income tax services may be offered if these are necessary for the new company that is establishing in Singapore.

6. A virtual office may be used as a registered address for the new business until a site office may be selected.

7. Employment passes may be provided in order to work in Singapore. A social visit pass is offered, and a permanent residence application is available. Other passes that may be offered include a professional employment pass, a business or work pass, and a dependent’s pass.

A new company registration needs to include a company secretary and a nominee director. Employment passes may be needed as well. There are benefits involved in setting up a business in Singapore:

1. One advantage of beginning an offshore company or a BVI company in Singapore is that this type of business has a lower burden of regulation. Hedge funds are begun as BVI companies.

2. Confidentiality is frequently a reason why a company would want to set up offshore. There is a mood of privacy with any BVI company especially as the company relates to any offshore bank accounts.

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