Long revered as a drink associated with a number of physical benefits, such as weight loss, cancer prevention, and reduced cholesterol, tea is universally adored by dieticians and health enthusiasts alike. Tea bears a cargo of healthful antioxidants, along with caffeine and theanine, which are able to contribute to concentration, mental alertness, and the bettered state of your mood. As such, settling down to a freshly brewed cup of green or black tea is considered a ritual that will reduce stress and improve productivity, effective as a jump-start to an early morning as much as a pick-me-up in the afternoon.

Much in the way that different types of vegetables each carry their unique contribution to one’s wellbeing, the variety of tea you favor will come with its personalized strata of benefits. Redmart Japanese green tea  is not only apt at minimizing the risk of a slew of cancers, but it contains L-theanine, an amino acid which combats anxiety and works with caffeine to improve general brain function. Green tea’s moderate level of caffeine results in a boost of energy without the overwhelming jitters produced by coffee, leaving the drinker with a balanced sense of focus and improved creativity.

Pokka oolong tea is reputed as a contributor to a healthy bone structure, while also harboring healthful polyphenols which ease the mind and reduce stress. The brew itself is especially fragrant, providing for the sensual relaxation which is often sought through aromatherapy. Oolong tea is a feel-good drink which mediates between green and black tea; it can improve skin complexion and dental health, which in turn can serve as a boost to self-esteem.

The most highly caffeinated of teas, black tea is best brewed for an increase in energy and an elevated mood. Unlike coffee, black tea is not harmful to oral health, and its stimulation of the heart and respiratory system heightens cardiovascular wellness. Not to mention, it is capable of significantly strengthening the immune system, which reduces the risk of viral diseases and overall leaves the body feeling more vigorous.

Whatever the tea, there is an indisputable pleasure connected with establishing its presence within your daily regimen. Experts agree that in order to truly benefit from tea consumption, drinkers should set aside time to enjoy three to five cups a day. Each cup of tea provides for a brief respite from laborious, stressful situations, as well as something pleasant to be anticipated throughout each day. Tea breaks enable you to slow down, gather your thoughts, and breathe while indulging in something that is proven to be good for your health, both mentally and physically.