Whether you are going to law school or looking to get an LLB from a general college, it’s important to gear your studies around the different types of legal practices that are at your disposal. There are many different ways to approach the question of legal practices. You might consider the different types of practice areas, and you might also consider the size of legal practices. Different legal practices will suit the needs of different legal professionals, and if you are trying to be an attorney, you should understand the merits of each option before settling on your eventual choice.

Large corporate firms 
Large firms can practice internationally, and they will often feature offices across the world. These are firms that provide valuable services to very large clients, and they operate by charging exorbitant rates per hour to those clients. These firms typically have many different practice areas, from mergers and acquisitions to litigation. The idea behind large corporate firms is to provide comprehensive service and support for their clients. In addition, these firms hire large numbers of associates right out of school, and those associates are asked to perform work under partners. Students who want to work in these firms would be wise to have some background in business studies.

Midsize firms 
With the rising cost of legal service, some firms have emerged to serve the needs of clients who are not comfortable working with a massive operation. These midsize firms often perform the services of large firms without having the corporate feel. They may feature two or three offices in a regional area instead of 15 offices across the world. One of the distinguishing factors of these firms is their cost per hour and their flexible fee structures. They are usually designed to serve the needs of small business clients, and those clients are not able to pay the highest rates per hour for legal service. These firms are often some of the best for young associates, as they provide higher salaries without the demands of larger corporate firms.

Single-lawyer specialized firms 
As you visit bac.edu.my , you may learn about small, single-lawyer firms that specialize in one type of law or another. For example, some lawyers may choose to focus on criminal defense. Others might do probate law or draw up wills for older people. These firms attempt to target one specific part of the market, and the lawyer does not try to branch outside of this specialty.

General practices 
For one-lawyer firms that need business, one of the options is to expand into a general legal practice. These lawyers will generally take on any legal issue that comes through their door as long as they have some familiarity with that type of law. For instance, they might have a criminal defense client one day and a personal injury case the next. In addition, these people could take on corporate clients at lower rates. The danger for people in this type of legal practice is taking on cases that they are not qualified to handle.

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