Riding a bicycle for fun or even for basic transportation is something some of us do once in a while or every day. It is important therefore that we learn a few cycling tips to ensure safety that go beyond the basics such as you, the bike and the helmet. There is the need to go that extra mile to be able to say you are completely able to practice safety on the roads while riding a bike.

Things To Do Before You Ride

It’s all about safety today, so let’s try and get to the things you should do before riding that bike.



A key to staying safe is preparing for the ride. As part of the preparation, it would be important to know your city and its rules and the recommendations for riding a bike. This will save you lots of time and money, and you won’t find yourself on the wrong side of the traffic laws. Knowing where you are planning to go is very essential when you get ready for riding as it will help keep you out of dangerous situations.


For New Cyclists

If you have just taken up cycling, plan to use a route with little traffic and preferably one that has bike lanes. Busy intersections are something you should also consider avoiding.



Considering that many people turn to bicycle riding for health benefits as this activity can help you shed excess weight, you will probably want to cycle at a high speed, and this is fine, but make sure you are in an area where you can do this without literally riding into trouble or something or someone else harming you.


Working On Your Mindset

To start with, it is important that you as a rider be predictable just like a driver. You should wear bright clothes, be aware of your surroundings, anticipate driver behavior, have your hands ready on the brakes, watch for car doors opening, and then ultimately, you should follow bike traffic rules and be aware of the traffic rules for cars. Also, keeping in your lane will prove very helpful for your safety.


Changing A Flat

One piece of cycling advice is that you practice changing a flat at home and make sure you have the process down pat before you are out in the middle of a ride and a flat springs up on you.


Parts And Accessories

Just like the driver’s seat of a car, the bike seat needs to be comfortable for you, and this means that your body fits well on the seat and you feel comfortable. Since a lot of bikes come with generic unisex saddles that are often uncomfortable, you can try upgrading to one that has gel padding or on the other hand try one that is gender specific;go to http://www.usjcycles.com/bicycles/folding bike/ for various bike parts, cycling guides and installation help and tips. They can even have the parts you need for your bike delivered to you.