Leaving the cozy and familiar environment of home when it comes to studies or pleasure trips can be a little daunting and a stressful task in itself. It is very essential that you find just the right accommodation that suits your budget and taste in order to have a comfortable stay. Malaysia has a lot to offer foreign students who wish to pursue further studies in this scenic country.

When it comes to accommodation, people are always on the lookout for a place which is right for them in terms of ambience and cost of living; depending upon their duration of stay. There are options such as these student homestays which are like a home away from home. There, you have the privacy of having your own separate room. You only join the host family during mealtimes and take part in their normal daily chores. This is the best option for you if you are considering travelling to Malaysia just for a short or long holiday stay.

Other choices that are available for international students in Malaysia are plenty and varied. Most Malaysian universities provide on-campus accommodations and help students find a place to stay. Apart from this option, you have places like residence halls which offer students a place to stay in the heart of the university campus. Just in case you plan to stay in a residence hall, it is advisable to weigh your options before travelling.

To be more prepared, you should enroll yourself on your host’s website and confirm all the details about yourself. When it comes to staying in Malaysia, there are so many options to choose from if you are a student visiting their country. Another type of the most commonly offered student housing in Malaysia are student hostels. In a hostel, you have the option of having individual or shared rooms; depending on your preference. Rent is paid on a semester basis and you must book your room in advance to secure a place for yourself. Rooms are divided into blocks and each block has its own provisions like Wi-Fi, 24-hour security guard, bathroom, and a toilet.



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It is common for students to live in off-campus accommodations. These types of living arrangements are generally located close to universities and may be three or four bedroom flats. Just like on-campus housing facilities, you must register for off-campus housing directly through your host university.

The facilities available in off-campus arrangements include beds, desks, wardrobes, and Wi-Fi. There is also something called managed apartments which include studio flats or a condominium. These types of living arrangements allow students to live independently, have a lot of privacy, and come serviced or even non-serviced. There are also a large number of housing agencies. You can easily get in touch with these agencies with the help of your host university admissions office.

In order to ensure a comfortable stay in Malaysia, you need to look for the best rooms for students in Malaysia that suits your needs based on the options stated above. A lot depends on your budget. As a result, it is important to make a wise choice to avoid burning a hole in your pocket so you can experience the many wonderful experiences this country has to offer.