Like most massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), getting gold in Blade & Soul is a long and arduous process. While you’ll always have enough gold for the essentials, even at the highest level you’ll likely not have enough for the finest equipment and cosmetic items unless you work for it. These five tips will have you leading the life of a virtual Blade & Soul millionaire in no time flat.

1) Choosing the Right Profession

With seven professions to choose from, it’s difficult to know right off the bat which is going to be the best one to make money at endgame. If you’re looking to make money, the Soul Warden profession is going to be your ticket to a life of luxury. This trade is responsible for making evolution stones, a key component of levelling up your equipment. In fact, at the highest possible level, these stones are mandatory towards increasing your character’s skills and are highly sought after. Naturally, these rocks fetch a hefty sum on the auction house.

2) Gathering

In Blade & Soul, it’s possible to take two gathering jobs, so go with the Trapper’s Alliance and Tree Fellers guilds. Both of these complement the Soul Wardens profession nicely, making sure you have a steady stream of the resources you need to make big bucks at the market. Any leftover materials you don’t need will sell for a high sum, so even just selling the items you get from gathering is a good way to make gold without a challenge.

3) Dungeon Running

Like most MMOs, dungeons can be a great source of income in Blade and Soul. Once you’ve learned the ins and outs of the game’s high-level dungeons, you can quickly speed through them with a competent group. Each dungeon run will award you with not only piles of gold, but piles of loot as well. Selling this loot to NPC vendors or throwing it on the auction house is a great way to get some bonus gold on top of quest rewards.

4) Auction House

Rather than sell your goods on the auction house, you can play the market to your advantage. Find rare but inexpensive items on the auction house that you know players will need, buy everything that is available and then relist the items for a higher cost. If you keep a firm grasp on the market, you’ll be able to flip items for a substantial profit in less time than it takes to gather and craft items.
5) Buying Gold

While you can’t play at, you can buy Blade and Soul gold there. SEA Gamer Mall is a great place to buy gold cheaply using real money, with different denominations available. The gold is safely transferred to your account using the in-game auction house, so you don’t need to worry about anything other than paying for your gold and listing an item on the in-game auction house.

Follow these five tips and in no time at all, you’ll be the richest Blade & Soul player on your server.