People often choose to store items inside their garage or basement. These places do not have the best conditions for storing items which are considered as fragile. If the proper containers are not used to hold electronics or garments, moisture, dust and pests can get inside and cause damage. The best way to store fragile items is to use containers made with durable corrugated board. Corrugated plastic is the most durable type of plastic available for use in storage containers. The boxes available at are designed to withstand the moisture, duct and pests found inside garages, basements and storage sheds.

The durable plastic storage containers can also be stacked to save space without damaging the structure of the box. Boxes made of ordinary cardboard will bend under the weight of additional boxes. This damages the integrity of the box causing it to deteriorate. Anything made of fabric stored inside a cardboard box is susceptible to acquiring moisture through the fibers of the box. Fabric can be safely stored inside plastic containers made of corrugated board because the surface is material is solid. The plastic boxes can be used to hold garments or bedding when not in use.

In addition to the durability of plastic containers, fragile items can also be protected by using specially designed foam inserts (Learn How to Safely Pack Fragile Items). PU foam is made to hold various shapes and sizes. The foam comes with specific molded sections which hold items in place so they do not move inside the box. This is important when packing small electronic parts for storage. The small components can become damaged if they move about inside the box they are placed in. These foam inserts can also be used to hold glass items in place to protect them during transport.

PU Foam to protect the item fromĀ 

Another effective product for keeping fragile items safe is a polypropylene sheet. This is a durable sheet of plastic designed to fit inside any type of container or box. This item provides added protection against the external elements. The polypropylene sheet is available as a single layer product or as a corrugated board made with two layers of plastic. In addition to insulting the container against moisture, plastic sheets also insulate against static, which is beneficial when packing electronic items for shipping or storage. People spend time and money choosing the items they own, so they should choose containers designed to protect those items when they are placed in storage.