When I was a little kid who didn’t know any better, I used to wait endlessly for corrugated boxes. These boxes, well at least in my mind, contained something that I wanted. And how wouldn’t they? These corrugated cardboard boxes would always arrive during the special occasions of the year such as my birthday (which I never failed to celebrate with a party at home), graduation, and the merriest of all which is Christmas. Let me explain a little. I have some relatives from different parts of the world and my mom makes it a point to remind them of these occasions year after year.

So when I see a corrugated carton, my heart begins to pound and without skipping a beat, I immediately run to where the shipping boxes are. And I was never disappointed. These sturdy boxes contained some of the most memorable gifts of my childhood. Take for instance my giant Voltes Five action figure. At that time, I was the first in my neighborhood to get a hold of them and was the envy of every kid on the block. How about the laptop that I’d been eyeing for years until one of my aunts found out about it and decided to be a little generous to me. That also came in a corrugated box. And how about the grocery items that my relatives send every now and then (sometimes with my favorite Spam in all its wonderful flavors)? Yes, these sturdy and reliable boxes still exist and I still have the memories with me. Actually, my mother was wise enough to recycle them into storage boxes that we use to store the stuff that we don’t need anymore like overused Christmas decorations, old books, and toys. This attitude will forever preserve my corrugated box memories.