CabalII_604x423There are few games that can match the rich graphics, free-to-play servers, and addictive gameplay that the upcoming game – Cabal II – has to offer. Long awaited by the online community and its global following, Cabal II boasts a similar, exciting mechanic as its predecessor, Cabal I, but with the notable addition of a new character class and a hyper-action, royal theme. If you are still considering if the game is worth it, here’s a comprehensive guide that will walk you through the game and all its 3D glory.
cabal 2
Questing and Story Progression

Being a massively multiplayer online role-playing game,¬†Cabal 2¬†implements a Quest system for player progression. And what’s great about Cabal II’s quests is that they are fairly easy to follow and complete. You are basically fed information about what your quest is, where you can get it, and the potential rewards that await. Majority of MMORPGs have a tracker feature, which points you towards the right direction and objectives.

Cabal II, however, has taken easy questing to the next level by enabling players to automatically proceed to their next quest. This cuts a significant amount of time spent on running back and forth NPCs. Moreover, the game allows automatically mounting to your ride when proceeding to your objectives. For gamers who don’t want to be spoon-fed, though, there is still a tad amount of exploration to do and some challenging quests that will force you to think and be creative.
Character Choices

Another strength of Cabal II is the range of customization options a player is afforded. If you are the type of gamer who prefers to stand out from the crowd and be unique, the game offers a broad range of choices. You can customize eye color, eye shape, facial features, body type, hair and skin color, and even the base armor.

There are 6 main classes to choose from in Cabal II – Warrior, Wizard, Force Shielder, Force Blader, Force Archer, and Priest. Each class has their own strengths and weaknesses, which balances out PvP and PvE outcome.

For example, the Warrior class is a melee character that is tanky but can dish out good DPS or damage-per-second, making them a great frontliner for party quests and boss hunts. Meanwhile, the Wizard class is capable of punishing enemies with high burst magic damage. Unfortunately, they have weak HP and armor, making them easy targets during fights.

While each class has default stats that are out of the player’s control, characters of the same class can still have varying strengths and weaknesses based on the individual’s play style, weapon and armor upgrades, and skill combinations. This ultimately leads to an endless array of possibilities during party quests and boss hunts.
The Verdict

Cabal II is a worthwhile MMORPG to test out for yourself. Like its featured classes, Cabal II has its own pros and cons as a game. If you like a game that pushes your graphics card to its limits, can eat up your time with all the available main and side quests, and doesn’t cost a dime to play, then Cabal II is an absolute must-play game.