The basis of a well-rounded beauty routine is a consistent skincare regimen. Makeup always looks better on skin that is clear and clean. There is no point in cultivating a collection of expensive high-end cosmetics if the foundation of one’s whole look is not as flawless as it could possibly be. Many women find skincare uninteresting and unglamorous and therefore fail to properly research the cleansing and anti aging methods that are right for them.
Women from Asia tend to have oilier skin than Europeans and Americans do, so brands from those countries might not fully address their needs. It is important to remove excess oil without stripping away the natural oils that keep the skin supple and healthy. In addition to having naturally unique skin needs, women in Asian countries need to combat the higher levels of environmental pollution and toxins that come into contact with their skin on a daily basis.


For these reasons, Asian beauty culture places a high value on skincare. There is a widespread belief that one should spend as much time washing her face at night as it takes to apply her makeup in the morning. A typical regimen would look outlandish to Western women. This is because Western beauty routines are lacking, not because Asian ones are overly indulgent. Separate products are used to remove makeup and then to thoroughly cleanse the skin. The makeup remover is usually milk-or oil-based, and any remaining cosmetics and residue are rinsed away by a general skin cleanser.



After this, the skin is treated with a toner. Toners are hugely undervalued due to being associated with acne-prone teenagers. Though some toners are formulated to control acne and reduce oil, many are meant to infuse the skin with botanical nutrients and to prep the pores for maximum absorption of the products that will be applied next.

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Asian women use a product called essence, which is essentially unknown in the United States and Europe. Essence is a targeted solution that women use to address specific skin problems and customize their routines. A face serum infuses the skin with high concentrations of anti-aging agents, while a day moisturizer or night cream provides overall moisture and possibly sun protection. An eye cream to target fine lines completes this cycle of skincare.

262d41cecf875a68de117c9b55474c09 Instead of opting for convenient options like BB creams that combine multiple active ingredients into one all-purpose cream, Asian women are more likely to selectively pick and choose products depending on whether or not they actually need them. Multi-use skincare products save time and money, but by using them, one runs the risk of treating her skin with remedies for problems that she might not even have. There is no need to apply acne medication to skin that is not prone to breaking out, but this does not stop countless women from wearing BB creams laden with salicylic acid. The Western tendency toward quick fixes extends to beauty and skincare, and women the world over would benefit by adopting the multi-step Asian methods.