Small businesses often have the same robust IT needs that a large organization does, but they are operating on a fraction of the budget. This can become a limiting factor in many regards, but there are ways around this reality. Colocation has become a popular hosting option for many small businesses around the world. It enables use of the same Internet infrastructure that many large companies use to host their own private web servers. The same team of IT professionals that manage and design sites for large companies can also be utilized to provide a robust Web presence for small businesses as well.

The Benefits of Server Colocation

Small businesses can up using colocation to place their own server inside the rack of another. This effectively allows the small organization to then use the increased bandwidth as their own. While this will cost a bit more than standard Internet site hosting packages, it is still considerably less when taking into account the amount of bandwidth that would normally run into one particular location.

There is also the added benefit that is achieved through knowing that colocation facilities tend to have much better protections in the event of an outage. As Southeast Asia is prone to tropical storms, the potential for downtime can be great. Making use of server colocation in Malaysia set up, however, can eliminate the risk of being without critical server power for days at a time. Part of the fee you would pay for the colocation service itself is designed to ensure that there is almost no risk of downtime.

Security is also enhanced. Server colocation in Malaysia safely stores information and data in a secure and protected environment. In this era of hacking activity and cyber crime, it is vital that small businesses take the security of confidential data seriously.

The Process Involved

To begin using server colocation in Malaysia, one simply needs to get their machine set up. It can then be taken to a location where the colocation provider is located. They will then install it within their own rack. Alternatively, it is often possible to rent a server machine directly from the providers themselves. This company would then provide an IP address, allot a certain amount of bandwidth, and provide power to your own server. To access the server, the small business would simply navigate to a Web site that is provided by the host. It is important to remember that the small business actually owns the hardware, so this is an added advantage as well.

Server colocation can be a valuable addition to the IT repertoire of a small business. Making use of existing infrastructure already in place at many large organizations will enhance the Web presence and security features inherent to any operation. Consider this as a way to become more robust and proactive with providing a better overall customer satisfaction experience.