There are numerous flooring options available today. From hardwood flooring to carpet and tile to cement, it is easy to see how the options can be confusing and overwhelming. However, home and business owners who are searching for a durable, attractive, and easy to maintain floor will find that laminate is an excellent option.

Laminate flooring is available in many different styles, colors, and design options so there is a look for every personality. This versatility is what attracts many homeowners because depending on the actual choice that is purchased, laminate flooring can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, and even family rooms. Of course, another benefit of laminate is the price. This flooring is incredibly inexpensive and can easily be installed so labor fees are low. However, the largest benefit would have to be the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Of all the flooring options, laminate is the easiest to clean.



Accidents are an unfortunate part of everyday life. Spills are popular accidents which happen in homes each and everyday. Homeowners must be prepared for these spills by understanding how to properly clean up spills on laminate floors. The process is very simple because all homeowners will need is a damp cloth. This cloth should be used to blot the liquid immediately after the spill occurs. This is the most effective way of ensuring the laminate does not become stained. Certain liquids that can be spilled may require a cleaning agent. Nail polish, oil, paint, or market can be removed with the use of acetone and a damp cloth. Homeowners may also choose to complete a light mopping periodically on the laminate floor. This can be completed using a specialized spray for laminate or vinyl flooring and a mop of the homeowners choice.


Dirt and Debris

No matter what type of flooring is used, there will be excessive dirt and debris on the floor. This dry matter may be swept periodically but this can scatter the dirt, debris, pet hair, dried food, and other particles around the floor. Sometimes, sweeping may do more harm than good. Homeowners can utilize a vacuum such as the Neato Robotic VX-21. This innovative cleaning tool is designed to suction all sizes of dirt, debris, and even very fine pieces of pet hair and dander. The Neato Robotic VX-21 Features a filter system that can easily remove any allergens that may be present on the floor. It is a perfect option for anyone suffering from allergies but it will also help keep the laminate floor as clean as possible. Of course, the robotic feature is incredibly easy to use and a massive benefit for busier homes. Cleaning laminate is even easier with a robotic vacuum cleaner.