The initials TOEFL stand for Test of English as a Foreign Language. This test, given by the Educational Testing Service, is taken by hundreds of thousands of people around the world each year. TOEFL is a highly important test that is accepted by many places. If one is to do well on the test, proper preparation is essential. TOEFL preparation is important to help pass all aspects of the test.

Part of doing well on the test is to understand the basic parts of the test. The test typically consists of two parts: a writing test and a listening section. Test takers may also opt to take only one part of the test if they so choose. The writing section calls for the test taker to write two effective and coherent essay, each of approximately three hundred words each. The listening section consists of multiple efforts to test the speaker’s ability to speak English fluently. The aim of the listening section is for the person taking it to demonstrate native-like fluency.

People who want to take the test must often sign up in advance. The test is given at testing centers around the world. Test takers are allowed to take the test via a computer system. This system allows the test taker to type their answers rather than write them down. Many test takers are urged to get familiar with a computer keyboard and learn to type rapidly if possible.

Another important tip for all those planning to take the test is to practice. The test is a timed one. The person taking it only gets a certain time to complete their answers. This means they must finish each section of the test within a given time frame.

Test takers will find that the Educational Testing Service provides many forms of assistance for those taking the test. One of the best methods is using old tests as a means of practice. Sample TOEFL tests are available in many places including via books published by the Educational Testing Service. Test takers should ideally spend time taking at least one test and multiple tests if possible. This will give them the chance to see how well they have mastered the required material so far. Each test should be taken under timed conditions to mimic the conditions of the actual test that is given by ETS.