Are you looking for a few sparkling orange drink recipes that will cool you off during a hot summer day? For decades, adding citrus flavor to carbonated beverages has been an ongoing trend. However, if you want to get a break from the same old sodas and Mimosas, you will not regret these unique nonalcoholic drinks.
A citrus drink with basil?

In case you have not noticed, one of the biggest new trends is to add basil and orange flavor to tequila. Several celebrity chefs have come up with their own gourmet recipes for this combination, but anyone can try it at home. The basics you will need to make this recipe are equal parts juice, sparkling water, sugar and basil.

To make the drink, add one teaspoon of sugar and a few leaves of fresh basil to a glass. Use a spoon to crush the basil into the sugar. Top it off with the juice and sparkling water. If you do not like the bits of basil, use a wire mesh tea strainer to remove the particles. For keeping the pulp in your drink, wait to add the juice after the drink has been strained.




Sparkling sherbet punch

One of the easiest ways to create a party punch is to add sherbet to certain types of soda. Instead of making this on a grand scale, consider adding a dollop of your favorite orange sorbet or sherbet to a glass of plain carbonated water. You will get a little bit of sweetness from this drink and creaminess as well. A tablespoon of ice cream in a glass of carbonated water is also a great way enjoy the taste of your favorite dessert with fewer fat and calories. Before you add a teaspoon of sugar to sweeten the drink, squeeze some lemon or lime juice into it and see if it adjusts the taste.


Citrus energy drink with a zip

There are several products on the market today that allow you to add fizz to your water along with several vitamins or electrolytes. While some people enjoy the taste, others find that it is medicinal. If this is an ongoing problem, you might avoid this problem by not drinking it at all. Regardless, some people find success when they drink it with a splash of fruit juice. The end result of this recipe is a sparkly drink with citrus flavor, and the extra benefits of electrolytes or vitamins.


Citrus Iranian iced yogurt soda

Do you love Italian sodas? These days, everyone is excited about yogurt. If you are looking for an additional way to expand on your passion, consider making a popular beverage from the Middle East that will remind you of an Italian soda with cream. In the country of Iran, people regularly enjoy a cold beverage that is made from carbonated water and yogurt. In Iran, this drink is usually manufactured in mint or plain flavor. Many Persian people will add black pepper to the plain yogurt drink after opening it.

On the other hand, most Americans do not appreciate this beverage because it has a somewhat bitter taste in either flavor. Nevertheless, Americans do appreciate the drink if it has any other kind of fruit flavor added to it. For this reason, do not be afraid to explore this recipe to give a new spin to your favorite sparkling drink. To make this recipe, combine two teaspoons of sweetened fruit flavored syrup, carbonated water and two teaspoons of your preferred brand of yogurt.

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